Unique management tools to give users total visibility and control over their insurance policies

Cover Management

Customized reports display total cover by policy type per company or group. 

Users can quickly assess the adequacy of their insurance policies at high level and then drill down into individual policies.

Renewal Management

The policy manager displays policies coming up for renewal in the next 90 days by policy type, company, insurer and broker.

Proactive premium planning can generate significant cost savings.

Multiple level dashboards show Policy summaries with renewal dates, enabling the user to sort by:

  • Company
  • Insurer
  • Broker
  • Renewal Date
  • Policy Number
  • Asset Type or Location

This gives the users a full oversight of their corporate insurance policy position with the ability to drill further into policy and asset details.

Data entry workflows

With the help of our insurance expert partners, we have developed unique workflows that speed up data entry while improving data integrity.

We have also included features such as photos within the Asset profile and storage of policy documents.

Tailored to client requirements

We know that corporate insurance policies can be complex and one policy type may include others.  Policies can cover multiple assets and sometimes multiple companies.

Our implementation partners are insurance experts. They help setup our system to match client needs. This includes policy definitions, data entry work-flows, user manuals and on-going support.




Business Interruption




Directors & Officers Liability


Public & Employers Liability




Plant & Machinery

Platform & Security

The Insurance Policy Manager is hosted and managed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the UK (London). All data is stored in Amazon Aurora databases which are ISO/IEC certified for security. Clients have their own database and all data has multiple levels of security including network isolation using Amazon VPC, encryption at rest and in transit. The AWS platform gives clients assurance that their data is safe, secure and compliant (GDPR).

With the application itself, all user logins can be protected by multi-factor authentication and there is fine-grained control over access and full audit logs are available.